We are cleaning out our freezers! Some downsizing, reorganizing, regrouping. Lots on sale for a limited time! Please Fill up your freezers now while it's cheap.

Pastured Beef

Pastured Beef. No hormones, No antibiotics, Raised Ethically, and Rotationally Grazed using Regenerative Principles. Dry-Aged

Ground Patties

2 pounds, 4 patties

Filet Mignon

1-2 small medallion filets / pkg ~.30 lbs

T-Bone Steak

One Steak / Pkg

Delmonico Steak

One Steak / pkg

Rib-eye Steak

One Steak / pkg

NY Strip Steak

1 steak/pkg, even with bundles

Eye Round Steak

2 small steaks/pkg, <1 lb.

Minute Steak

Sliced Sirloin, deli thin, ~1 lb total

Skirt Steak

1 steak/pkg, even with bundles

Flank Steak

One Steak / pkg

Family Dinner Beef Bundle

~30 lbs of cuts for the family

Top Sirloin Steak

1 steak/pkg, even with bundles

Sirloin Tip Steak

1 Steak/pkg. 1-1.75 lbs

Beef Short Ribs

1.5-3 lbs / pkg

Beef Short Ribs (Higher Fat Content)

2-5 lbs / pkg Higher Fat Content

Beef Stew Meat

~ 1 lb, cubed meat

Shoulder Steak

1 Steak/pkg (0.6 - 1.2 lbs)

Shoulder Steak (2/package)

2 Steaks/pkg (1.3 - 2 lbs)

Osso Bucco (Beef)

Cross Cut Shanks, 2-3/pkg

Half Beef Deposit

Deposit on 1/2 a beef