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Eye Round Roast

Eye Round Roast

~3 lbs

The beef Round roast comes from the hindquarters of the cow. This part of the cow gets lots of exercise, so there is a lot of collagen and connective tissue. The muscle combined with the very little marbling makes it a little tougher cut of meat. It requires some time and works to get tender, but the result is a flavorful and juicy roast that the whole family will love.

This cut is best enjoyed braised. When roasted in the oven, slice thin against the grain to maximize tenderness. Keeping the meat submerged in a little bit of liquid throughout the cooking process is essential for moisture. Remember to keep the heat low and simmer it to prevent the meat from overcooking and getting too tough. Dry roasting at low temperatures is one of the best options for preparing a roast. It will melt the collagen and connective tissue, leaving it tender and juicy.

Each Roast weighs about 3 lbs each.

You will want to serve it thinly sliced, as one would find in a deli or market. Also, winter vegetables such as potatoes or carrots go with it very well. Put them in the stew or braising liquid for complementary flavors.

As with all the beef we offer, it has zero artificial preservatives, pasture-raised, dry-aged, and never use hormones, steroids, or antibiotics.

We treat our cattle ethically. When you purchase from us, you know you are getting quality products to buy with confidence knowing that you are getting the best meat we have to offer.