Reserve a whole or half pig today for filling the freezer this fall!

Beef liver is nutritious and high-quality meat and can be used for several delicious recipes. It’s packed full of high-quality protein, iron, and a range of healthy vitamins, including vitamin A and B12. This nutritious piece is packed full of nourishing proteins and minerals with a tender texture and creamy taste.

Beef liver is known for its tenderness and rich flavor and is a versatile meat that you can add to your daily cooking. It works well when served as the main with a tasty gravy or a great addition to a stirfry. It is best prepared by searing quickly. This produces a medium-rare beef liver which offers tenderness and a creamy texture.

Our Beef is pasture-raised, dry-aged, and never given hormones, antibiotics, or any of that yucky stuff—just good beef.