Reserve a whole or half pig today for filling the freezer this fall!

Half Beef Deposit

Half Beef Deposit

Deposit on 1/2 a beef

This is a deposit on half a beef.

Select the exact cuts you want for your half beef. After you purchase this, we will get ahold of you and go over a cut sheet for custom cutting instructions and timeline. We charge $4.25/lb hanging weight plus processing (which averages $1/lb). 

We walk you through the cut sheet and have an example of what cuts we suggest to maximize your dollar and capture the flavors of each part of an animal.

You only get charged for what your steer half weighs and your processing. Once your animal is processed, the balance will be due upon pickup. This is a great way to fill the freezer and provide meat for your family at a Great deal!

Our beef is pasture-raised, and none of our animals are given hormones, steroids, drugs, or antibiotics. Our cattle are ethically raised and free to roam the pastures.