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The Ugly Truth about...

written by

Megan Wilcox

posted on

July 25, 2021

Did you know that this Open Farm Day thing is a County-wide deal?

It's true; a few other farms are opening their doors as well so you can see how your delicious food is made.


I tell people that this is an event- but you are always welcome to visit us.

This is just the best time to visit because we take the time and walk you through to see all the animals. 

All our animals are "in the sticks" and usually behind a hill. The only way to see them is to go for a hike or hop on a buggy (what we call 4-wheelers and utility vehicles).

Often our pigs and cattle are two miles apart! We worked hard to get everything close so you can see them all.


Why is this important? 

Industrial agriculture passes laws to keep people and cameras out; we’re doing the exact opposite. 

We invite you to come on out and see. 

We want you to know how healthy food is grown, how much goes into it, to see the land the animals roam on.

Beth and Kaye on our way back from doing Pig chores.

These Guys and Gals are getting BIG! They will be leaving for the processor the 29th & 30th

We want you to see all of our current projects in land regeneration, and I wish I could take you to the very remote places to show you the improvement we have made vs. what they were.

It’s our passion, and we want to share! 

We want you to know why good food isn’t the same price as grocery store food, why we don’t raise hogs in confinement barns thousands at a time, why we don’t do the same with our chickens. Our cattle don’t live in a feedlot, fed candy and leftover who knows what. 



The Ugly Truth about that Grocery Store Meat-


So about the price differences- The ranchers that sell to packers are getting the short end of the stick and are never paid what it actually costs to grow their animals.

That’s why growers and finishers started looking for shortcuts.

Stick them in a small area, so all their energy is put towards eating, insert growth hormones, feed whatever you can get your hands on, the use of GMOs to grow more crops, etc.

It's the same for cattle, chickens, and pigs.

The pig and chickens (eggs too) are all grown on contract, and it’s not geared for the rancher, the consumer, or the animal’s benefit. The whole system is geared for cheap food that the processors and packers make money on. 

As you can imagine- many farmers and ranchers eventually fold. Who will be left to supply these companies? Foreign origins. 

Did you know that most of the meat in a grocery store is sourced from only a few major players, and most of them are foreign-owned but operating in the US? 

It’s true- unless there is an actual Farm name on the meat package that you can look up and visit, you can pretty much bet it’s from a barn or feedlot somewhere or imported and then processed by one of those major companies, all under a great marketing label or sold as US beef. 


These four major Meatpackers make an extra profit off the back of the ranchers and growers, and this extra profit has allowed them to fund marketing budgets that small farms will always struggle to compete against.


In short, it’s important to know where your food comes from. 

It’s important to know the people that cared for it. 

It’s essential to know who you’re supporting. A LOCAL community won’t disappear overnight. One local farmer supports MANY other local businesses and industries. 

Real food security is seeing all the animals on pasture and knowing we’re a phone call away. 

We are happy to be able to serve you; we take the opportunity very seriously, we hope you come join us for OPEN FARM DAY This Saturday, July 31st, 10-4. 


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