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Milestones & Anniversaries

October 3, 2021

In our Neck of the Woods

Good Morning! 

Rob and I celebrated our 11th wedding Anniversary yesterday. Don't tell me where the time has gone. It feels like yesterday we were getting hitched.


We had a simple wedding (I wanted to go to the courthouse and just sign the papers, Rob didn’t), so instead, we settled on a BBQ at a farm I used to work at.

Then a month later, we started our dairy herd, Rob quit his job, and we officially started farming. 

Our Wedding Day October 2, 2010


Anniversaries and Fall always get me to think nostalgically, look at the past and the present, and plan the future. 

Mom’s birthday was September 27th (Ann), and Beth turns five on the seventh this week.

So we spent a little time watching videos from Beth’s first birthday. I couldn’t get through it dry-eyed as I recalled all those precious little facial expressions and snuggles into her new stuffed animals and interactions with family.

63 beautiful years! You look great Momma!

I hope you take some time and look through some old photos and videos or spend time with your babies (grown-up or littles) this week. 

Time is always fleeting, and you cant get it back. 

This week my sister Beka and brother-in-law Paul came over with their two girlies, so we went to the Fly Creek Cider Mill for the first time. It was fun for them. They raced little ducks, fed real ducks, ate fudge, drank cider, and ran around with cousins. 

Back at the farm- Kaye was telling Molly how to feed our chickens.

Rob is excited we only have 100 acres of hay left for the season! It's the last Hurrah for the year! 

Chickens are doing well- even with the colder nights, and thanks to this girlie- no predators get within a mile! 


Mom and Beth said goodbye to their favorite pigs.

We just loaded some of them on the trailer this morning to head to the processor. 

Yes, we do get attached to these guys, but they have fulfilled their best life and are now ready to bless your family with healthy meals for the family.


On Saturday morning, I was headed to the Market, and there was a steer out bedded next to the road. Naturally, the stinker didn’t belong there, so Rob spent most of his morning trying to figure out How. 

When he had a particular gate unhooked across the farm, he discovered that cut the power to one side of a back fence- and that is how just one animal was out. Of course, it had to be this one in particular- he’s always been a little crazy and one to poke holes in our systems. 

We hope you have a blessed week! Stay healthy and happy! 

Stay well, Your Farmer, 


Megan Wilcox