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Fall Video Around The Farm

written by

Megan Wilcox

posted on

October 17, 2021

Since you LOVED the last video update I did, I decided to do it again!

It's all stuff I had Hanging out on my phone for the past two months. Enjoy your virtual sneak peek into our lives and doing chores! 

Click the image to watch:

Around the Farm

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Farm Update September 26th 2021

As lovers of the simple life, we sure do ride the crazy train over here, as I’m sure you can relate. Since you’ve visited, there is a new fence up, and we’re still doing hay, still moving pigs, chickens, and cattle around.

The Ugly Truth about...

Did you know that this Open Farm Day thing is a County-wide deal? It's true; a few other farms are opening their doors as well so you can see how your delicious food is made. Why is this important? Industrial agriculture passes laws to keep people and cameras out; we’re doing the exact opposite. We invite you to come on out and see. We want you to know how healthy food is grown, how much goes into it, to see the land the animals roam on.