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Surprise Baby

January 23, 2021

We had a surprise baby born on the farm on the 20th. 

We usually calve in the spring to follow nature, but we had the bulls out longer with some heifers and had a few outliers. I'm guessing she didn't breed right away, or she lost her first pregnancy and then was re-bred. Either way, sometimes these things happen. 

The new mom seems to be doing a great job and has been keeping him under a bunch of trees away from her herd mates. I just love good mommas! 

Yesterday Rob walked over to where the calf was while the mom was eating on a new bale of hay with her herd-mates, and as soon as she saw him heading towards him, she went running over, and she snorted at Rob as she passed him!

She’s been protective and keeping him secluded as most of our good moms do. 

In another week or so, she’ll probably let him hang around the rest of the herd and ease up on her motherly restrictions. I’m pretty sure we’re all the same way with our firstborn too. 

Megan Wilcox