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Shipping Update

October 24, 2020

We've been working hard on getting our shipping program up to speed but holy cow! There is sooo much that goes into shipping perishables and getting all the supplies needed (let alone at a great price). 

So I'll bring you up to speed for where we are at this exact moment so you know what's going on.

Just know this will be a work in progress even after we start “officially” shipping and as we reach certain volume thresholds we'll probably be moving to more sustainable packaging and be constantly testing out different things to see what works best for the price. WE ARE TRYING TO GET YOU A GREAT PRICE FOR SHIPPING but volume is key in the shipping world. 

We are at the final stages and have figured out our box sizes (we are working with a local manufacturer) and the insulated inserts for them (a separate local manufacturer).

We will be using ice packs for now but will be moving to dry ice ASAP- we are even looking into getting our own dry ice machine (we are officially certifiably crazy people!) 

On Monday we will be getting our logistics ironed out and sending out our first test boxes! Yes!! Fingers crossed the trials go as planned and we get this all live for you to take advantage of! 

I know many of you will have questions about where we can ship and where we can’t so just know I’ll make it very easy on the website to determine that when we get it all up. You will be able to simply enter your zip code and it’ll let you know right away. 

For starters, we’ll be working with a 2-day Express radius and a 1-day ground radius.  

Well, that’s where we’re at! Words cannot express how excited we are and we hope you are too!

Megan Wilcox