Beef is back in stock! Yippee!

Recipe Sharing

March 12, 2021

Hello from the thawing hills of Brookfield, 

This week the snow has disappeared from the open fields. We still have plenty of it on the upper hills and throughout the woods, though. Soon the grazing season will be here again! We can’t wait! 

Spring (or any thaw that brings the opportunity to do spring things) means life over here is busy!

I hear from soo many of you your need for more recipes or questions on the best cooking methods for specific cuts, and I wanted to let you know it hasn’t fallen on deaf ears.

I have a couple of exciting announcements and things we want to try. 

The first is we want to hear from you! 


Do you have a favorite way of cooking a roast or a go-to cut that you order over and over with a favorite way of preparing it? 

We would love to feature you and your recipe!

You can either email me your recipe,

post it on our Facebook page,

or tag us on Instagram

with your favorite recipe and instructions.

I can feature them in emails and we can all build a library on social with the hashtag #Droverhillfarmrecipes. 

Megan Wilcox