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Picking up the Slack

August 9, 2020

For the past two weeks, we encountered a fun (being sarcastic) trial in our lives. I blew my back out leaving me on my back and unable to do chores or help with much of anything.

Those of you that went to pickups these past two weeks had the privilege of meeting my mom Ann in person.

She's been the one picking up most of my slack taking care of the kids, me, orders, pickups, and still cooking and cleaning away. 

I'm super thankful that I'm healing and don't have any more spasms, but more importantly, I'm thankful for all the prayers, love, and concern from friends and family, and you! 

I must have said it 1000 times - I don't know what I would do without my family and great friends. I hope you have a network of those that love you close by. They are invaluable.

The Pigs are just living the life out here. They have a large section in the woods and only a small area outside of it is in the open now. We love hanging out with them in the evening. Whenever we eat sweet corn we take the shucks out to them to eat. They love it!

We bought a few more cow/calf pairs anticipating needing more cattle next year. We had bought them off of a guy that has all grass genetics and follows the same principles we do when it comes to our grazing and cow/calf herd. We like good strong mothers with deep bodies, good feet and legs, great maternal instincts, and that grow a great calf. We love raising our cattle from start to finish and are excited about these new girls! They fit right in.

Megan Wilcox