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Wild Things! and Piglets

September 13, 2020

Astra, our chicken guardian angel/dog has been earning her keep this entire month. The coyotes have been out full-throttle and we’ve been hearing them every night for weeks and at times 3-4 times throughout the middle of the day. We noticed early this spring we had an abundance of little bunnies and we still see them quite often, but I think that’s what drew them in. 

To add to the pot, we have several fox dens close by the barns, Rob just recently spotted a mink after the laying hens, and we have had several hawks and large birds try and swoop down. The predators have been keeping her busy! Every night we can hear her barking and we can tell she’s got her hands full. 

We have a doe and her twin fawns stay close to the horses and the neighbor’s garage every night- she is a smart doe and has figured out she’s a little safer close to the domestic life. The other day I saw her hanging out with the neighbors wild(ish) outdoor cat. I wouldn’t think that those two would ever find companionship together but I guess they see each other often enough now they’re pals. Wildlife and nature are soo cool. 

We got another batch of piglets started! These little cuties are Durocs and Duroc crosses. They are already roughaging and foraging away outside and are naturally great outdoor pigs. We love the little white faces and that red color! They match the Red Angus cows and Hereford crosses. 

Megan Wilcox