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Meet Poppy

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Megan Wilcox

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March 28, 2021

We got some more cute and colorful piggies. The Daddy pig (boar) was a purebred GOS (Gloucestershire Old Spot), and their mother was a cross (IPP and Hampshire). All are heritage breeds.

We Love mixes like this because when you cross them right, you get the best of all those breeds and hybrid vigor in one animal. These little piggers have amazing forage ability and are very hearty and friendly. The result is some delicious pork!



We have been planning pastures for the year and preparing to get more permanent fences up to make rotations easier and more effective- especially in winter.

We cannot use the temporary fence in the winter, and it’s an excellent opportunity to spread more fertility naturally throughout all our fields. 


Calving season has begun!!!

And we heard peepers the other night- so I’m calling it- it’s officially Spring! 

One first calf heifer that is very near and dear to our hearts had her first calf. 

Her name is Poppy. 


Poppy is more like a pet than some of the others.

Her mother rejected her when she was born (it’s a hereditary trait that we usually cull heavy on),

but Poppy is the exception.

We decided to keep her because she kinda became family after all those months of bottle feeding her. Here she is with her new calf. (above)

Her calf is a boy that we will steer, And fortunately (I believe, because of all the sweet kisses she received as a small-fry), she’s a good mommy to her little one too, so we can keep her FOREVER now. 

Below are pictures of when she was a small calf. 



She would run around free and was more like a welcoming committee and hung out with the dogs and horses all day.

She had NO IDEA she was a heifer.

To her, We were mom, kids are fun, and life is good for Poppy. 

She used to lay in front of the house door until we opened it- she wanted in sooo bad! (Don't tell Grandma- but she totally came in when she wasn't around). 

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