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Know Your Farmer!

February 25, 2021

Have you met everyone from the farm?


Have you ever picked up your meat locally, and it’s a different person doing the deliveries? Well, that “different person” is family. We all cover for each other when the other has a specific task they’re better suited for. So I wanted you to meet the family officially! 

And if you’re a shipping customer and have never visited the farm or a pickup location, I want you to know who helps raise your food. If you know your farmer, you’ll know your food. 

We are a small family farm, emphasis on family. I’d say we’re best described as the Amish in the way we work together. We share each other’s talents, resources, skills, and everyone is vital to how we function. We work together as one unit, close-knit, and for each other. 

Rob and I are the primary owners. To say I couldn’t function without him at my side is an understatement. He’s a hard-working woodchuck, humble, simple to a fault, and values family over everything. He’s a good egg, exemptional father to our two girls, and my best friend. He is a jack of all trades when it's farming-related. He can fix equipment, work un-human hours, know exactly what to do for the animals, and the land. 

We have his father, Dean, to thank for that. He’s even more simple, straightforward, humble, an honest Abe, and a perseverer. Just last year, he kicked stage 4 cancer in the butt and never missed a day of chores. Not one day. He’s the hardest working person I’ve ever met and Rob’s right-hand man. Chances are if you see Rob, you see Dean. He does everything from making hay all summer to wrangling beef in the pasture to helping pack orders. 

My parents, Eric and Ann, are also vital to the farm and how we live. Both live a very selfless life and give of themselves all the time. They are great examples of how to live. They are honest, patient, loving, and they give, give, give.


Mom has dived right in and handles a lot of the packing and has the blessed job of watching our girls when they can’t be with us. She cooks us all dinners, and we eat as a family. She holds down the fort more often than not, folds my laundry, and washes my dishes when they’re a mile high. She’s pretty talented and can even coax pigs back into the pasture when they’re having a roaring good time ripping up the lawn. And she loves every minute of it. 

My Dad Eric is often referred to as the walking encyclopedia. He still has a job out but is always there when something needs brush hogging, mowing, fixing, tinkering, or picking up. He was born a dairy farmer and is now a chemical engineer that once made cancer drugs, and now enjoys helping food processing plants optimize their processes. He does deliveries and picks up farm supplies for us all the time. He helps feed critters and can be found in his shop outside, working on some type of project. He’s ultra-talented and can fix tractors, do hay, and give you exact dates from history. Whenever we need to figure something out, whether it be a layout for something or significant planning, he’s the guy we see. 


Beth and Kaye - in all their glory! They are precious

Rob and I 

Dean "Grandpa" and Kaye

Eric "Granddaddy" 

Ann "Grandma"

Eric and Ann (Mom and Dad)

Mom sledding with the kids, plus a few from our church family

Rob, Dean, Rob's brother Tuff (Erick)

Kismet and I 


We hope as you scrolled through those pictures and read a little about each of us you have a better understanding of who we are, and how we function as a farm to provide you with your food. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity to serve you. Have a blessed weekend! 

Megan Wilcox