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Happy Mother's Day

May 9, 2021

Call it connection, Call it love. There is always a lot of connection, love, and life happening over here on the farm. We’ve got dozens of calves running around now and are soaking up these spring rains as they come. 

This cow just had her first calf and is doing such a great job already! She let us go up to the calf (a little girl!), tag her, and pet them both. Then when we were finished, she brought her away from us and shoved her under the fence away from the herd. 

Many cows do this to keep their young away from everyone for their first week of life. Kind of like us- want their littles to themselves before they join the other kids. They usually stop doing this when they’re a few weeks old, and then you’ll see a few cows watching a whole group- they have their own systems for babysitting. She’s already a great momma. Cows are so cool. 


This little calf is with a friend- Her mother is the black whiteface just outside the frame and is almost two weeks old. We love these little red faces! I just want to pinch their cheeks! 

This is a steer calf that we just fetched from the wrong side of the fence way at the other end of the next field- a little too far for our liking.

He is just a few days old and is still easy coyote bait if he doesn’t have the protection of the moms. 

As soon as we got him over on the correct side (when I snapped this picture), the mom came over and pushed him back. Can’t argue with a Momma, right!? 

We are grateful for the love we get to experience from all our mommas. We hope you enjoy and love the people in your life and appreciate the little things. Flowers blooming (my kids picking all the flowers), peepers sounding, farmers' markets starting full-swing, spring and summer activities popping up on the calendar. 

Enjoy the little thing, and enjoy it all! 

Have a wonderful Mother's Day from all of us at Drover Hill! 


Special picked just for me, Broken stems and all! 


Megan Wilcox