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Fixing Tractors and New Dog

March 14, 2021

Rob has been preparing all of the tractors and equipment for hay season.


The Oliver 1750 was purchased back when we were dating (circa 2008), and back then, he tore it down and put a 5.9 Cummins in it. 

She has been the steady workhorse here for many years. She’s currently torn down again to rebuild the motor from top to bottom. She’s getting all new parts.

Rob and his brothers have spent a lot of time in the garage working on it for the past month. It’s not exactly a minor job. 

This is my favorite tractor, and Rob has contemplated selling it and getting something with a cab instead many times, but I won’t let him.

She’s been the best hay tractor ever! And that 5.9 purrs as she travels down a field. 

Another exciting new development, we purchased another guardian dog!

Sally is a sweet nine-month Maremma. She was bred for guarding small animals and is such a gentle giant.

​ She and Astra hit it off and are enjoying their time together. Astra is teaching her the ropes so that she too can guard her flock of chickens (and, fingers crossed, sheep) this summer. 

While Astra is an Akbash, a breed that originated from Turkey, Sally is a Maremma. Her breed originates from Italy and is bred to be intelligent, friendly, determined, alert, and loyal. She loves the girls and has fit right in around here. 


Megan Wilcox