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Fishin' & Tractor Pulls for some Down-time

September 1, 2020

We have scraped up a little time for ourselves and the kids recently and went fishing with family and a tractor pull.

I discovered Beth likes to swing worms around freely, and Kaye is scared to death of them, if you can imagine the fun Beth had with that!

We have so many great ponds around to go fishing, but this day was at Rob's brothers' (Tuff and Sarah's) place, and we caught a bunch of good size bass.

Rob has two brothers who helped us through many tough times when we had the dairy, and they LOVE tractor pulling. They both live just down the road with their families, and the boys have all worked and built their Oliver 1800 tractor up to what it is now. All I know is she blows smoke, makes lots of noise, and we all have a great time with family together when we go to a tractor pull.

Here's one of my nephews lounging in the wheel well in the picture below.

Hay season is finally winding down, and I think we are all done doing custom work for other farms. Soon it will be time to clean all of the equipment up and get it ready for winter. Rob will go through everything that he can, fix what had a band-aid on it to get through the season, and park it for the rest of the year.

Have a beautiful week, and look for those trees changing color! A bunch of ours are already golden.

Megan Wilcox