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September Farm Update

September 6, 2020

We are getting more baby piglets soon -- should be this week! And I cannot wait to share cute piglet pictures with you. These girls are a riot and we love each one’s personality. We can't wait to meet more silly piggies and see what their personalities are.

The cattle are still being rotated through the pastures. We've had some pretty good thunderstorms lately and in the past have lost a few due to lightning, usually at least one cow a year. Thank goodness we have not this year -yet anyways. They are all doing great and are growing beautifully!

Some of you may not know this, but we also have horses! We do our best to rotate them around as well during the growing season. Here they are grazing the "second cutting" off a field instead of us mowing and baling it. Unfortunately, they don't always need the grass and do get awfully fat, especially since none of us have had any time to work them or ride this summer. 

I've had horses my whole life and I think this is the first summer I haven't gone for at least a trail ride.

Most of our horses are related somehow and some I've had since my childhood - they are a part of the family- we grew up together.

I have used them to move cattle in the past but usually don't anymore. A buggy gets the job done fast and when the cattle don't get worked with horses daily they can actually get more worked up or on edge with something new. So we usually stick to the wheels or walking.

Megan Wilcox