Beef is back in stock! Yippee!

Farm Life Craziness

May 30, 2021

Hay season is officially underway here! Rob and Dean have been busy, busy! 

It is peak grass right now, and we are moving everyone daily. It's a lot of putting fences up and taking fences down. 

We have a new Chicken tractor!

And it didn’t come with instructions, so we’ve been playing Tetris with it in between everything else going on.

In other words, Rob is ready to torch it! He’s a bit frustrated with it.

We just recently found out we don’t even have all the right parts for it.


We will move this unit (once complete) daily to fresh pasture and grass and allow better protection from predators.

Our newest Guardian Dog Sally is still a pup, and she has decided that after chewing on a few chickens, they are tasty. (hand to palm)

So we have been working with her, only allowing her near the chickens when we are there.

Once this tractor is complete, I will keep her in a fence- as border patrol- surrounding the tractor. 

Right now, we rely on staying close to the barn and trees for shade inside an open fence. This design will allow the middle of fields to get chicken manure on them, keep the birds safe, and provide shade and shelter from large flying predators. 

Fingers crossed, we figure this thing out soon! We have a group ready to go in it now. 

Beth and Brutus- he is such a sweet pig!


Megan Wilcox