Happy New Year! New Dates for pickup locations are Live! And the Syracuse Location is back on trial!

Around the Farm Video Update 7/20/21

July 20, 2021

Sometimes it's easier to tell you and show you what's been going on around the farm vs. typing it all out.

The beginning of the video is me telling you what's up, and at the end (05:20), I've attached some clips of around the farm that I've taken this past month for you to enjoy- it's a peek into our everyday world and life. 

Of course, I'm showing you all the fun stuff and not the tractors breaking down, the 7 hours of prepping the woods and fence before we move the pigs, the constant struggle to keep everyone fed and watered, and the miles we walk taking down and putting a fence up, or the several times we've had to take tractors off fields to run generators when the power went out this month.

Nope- I'm showing you the fun parts!

Time Stamps-

00:38 - Open Farm Day specifics

01:22 - Chicken Inventory - FIRE 

02:55 - Around the Farm

03:40 - Meet Sally

03:55 - Whole pigs for reserve

05:20 - Around the farm clips - a peek into our everyday world 

Megan Wilcox