Please Note: We will NOT be doing farmers markets this year BUT ARE delivering in your area, ensuring you have convenient access to your pastured proteins
Whole Chicken - Small ~2 pounds

Whole Chicken - Small ~2 pounds

As you requested - Now you can have the perfect sized whole chicken for one or two people and enjoy the health benefits of whole chicken-eating without all the leftovers. 

Perfect for soups, throwing in an oven whole, or you can put on a dry-rub or soak it in a brine mixture before cooking it on a rotisserie, or being so small I bet even the grill could handle cooking it thoroughly. 

The meat is rich in protein and good for the heart. If you want to have healthy options available in your kitchen, give our whole chicken a try.

This product, like the rest of our products, is non-GMO and farm-raised. There are no hormones, steroids, antibiotics, or other additives in our meats.

The whole chicken is a top seller and traditional favorite. A staple among households who are serious about eating healthy.


Pleae note - this might be the only batch of chickens we finish this particular size until next year.