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Roasted Garlic Flake Salt

Roasted Garlic Flake Salt

Potent and buttery, this sea salt works as a great alternative to that generic stuff in both cooking and finishing.

With potent Garlic that packs a punch, make sure you share with the whole family!

This salt does not even fall in the same hemisphere as the garlic salt you see at your local grocery store.

That being said, don't be scared off thinking that even a dash of this is going to create such an overwhelming flavor that you can't stand near anyone for the next 2 days. That's the beauty of this sea salt! It's the perfect balance of saltiness and roasted-ness and garlic-ness, so YOU decide how strong the flavor is, you are in control!

Perfect For: Vegetables, Roasted Meats, Herbed Butter, Italian Dishes, Pasta, Bread, Chicken, Potatoes, Steak, any kind of veggies, as a rub, finishing, OR cooking salt. Mixed with butter or cream cheese and used as a spread over crackers. The list goes on...