Reserve a whole or half pig today for filling the freezer this fall!

Half Pig Reservation

Half Pig Reservation

This is the Deposit for Reserving a Half Pig (Fall 2024 Processing)

Reserve a Half Pig and fill your Freezer! 

Read the description for all the details. 

This is a Deposit for a Half Pig and is not refundable.  The pigs will be processed in the early fall of 2024. 

They'll finish with a hanging weight of 200 lbs or slightly less, so half is roughly 100 pounds. You'll pay $3.00/lb for the hanging weight plus processing. 

We will give you a cut sheet to get precisely what you want! Want just the smoked bacon and the rest made into sausages? Our processor can do that! Do you want 3-pound Hams, Pork chops, Ribs, and the works? They can do that, too. 

We will pick it up from the processor, and you can come to the farm to get it. It will be individually wrapped into vacuum-sealed packages and flash-frozen, no different from how we sell individual cuts.

These guys will be on pasture their entire lives and fed non-GMO grain. They live the good life and will be tasty! Stock Up!

Pricing for processing varies depending on what you have done. Below is a pricing sheet from the processor.

Hog Slaughter Slaughter and Scalding of Hogs $60.00 Each (ea)
Hog Slaughter Only Slaughter and Scalding of Hog $85.00 Each (ea)

Cut, Wrap, Freeze, Beef/Pork Custom Process and Package $1.05 Pound (lb)
Cut, Wrap, Freeze, Beef/Pork Special Custom Process and Package $1.15 Pound (lb)

Sausage - Sweet, hot, breakfast Bulk Sausage $0.60 Pound (lb)
Sausage - Specialty flavors Bulk Sausage $0.80 Pound (lb)
Smoking of Pork Smoking $2.20 Pound (lb)
Rope - Pork Sausage into Rope $1.10 Pound (lb)
Linking - Pork Sausage Linking $1.35 Pound (lb)
Little Links - Pork Breakfast Little Links 50# min $1.55 Pound (lb)
Patties- Pork or Beef Patties 50# min $0.60 Pound (lb)
Processing Hot dogs and or Snack Sticks 50# min $4.75 Pound (lb)
Slicing - Pork Slicing of Pork Belly $0.50 Pound (lb)