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Pork Tenderloin

Pork Tenderloin

The very best cut of meat- the pork tenderloin is prized for its tenderness and juiciness.

You can roast, bake or grill tenderloin with ease.

To create a truly savory final product, try brining it or rubbing it with a homemade spice mixture. People often use loin roast and tenderloin interchangeably, but there are some notable differences to make. Be careful not to overcook- They do tend to cook faster than a loin roast.

The regular size tenderloin is 1 pound, and the double packs are 2 pounds total.

We never use GMOs, antibiotics, drugs, or steroids when we raise our pigs, and we pasture-raised. We can provide you with an ethically produced product that tastes good and is good for your health.

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