Please Note: We will not be doing farmers markets this year BUT ARE delivering in your area AND will be shipping to your door SOON, ensuring you have convenient access to your pastured proteins.
Pork Chops, Sirloin Cut

Pork Chops, Sirloin Cut

Sirloin is cut from the loin of the hog around the hip. This is the most tender meat from the animal and runs from the leg to the shoulder.

This juicy cut of our natural, pasture-raised pork is just waiting to be tossed on a grill. Saute it, roast it, or even fry it, it always tastes amazing.

Because of all the different muscles present, sirloin chops should be cooked over slow, moist heat, and not overcooked.

We serve up our delectable pork in packages of 2 hearty portions, averaging about a pound in total.

We pasture-raise our pigs and feed non-GMO feed, ensuring they live their happiest life.

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