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Kriemhild Creamline Chocolate Milk

Kriemhild Creamline Chocolate Milk

Whole Chocolate Milk 1 Quart

If you've never had the pleasure of drinking FRESH Whole milk with the cream on top, you are missing out!

"Whole milk" in stores is still taking cream out of the product and doesn't even compare the taste in flavor.

This chocolate milk is made with cocoa and sugar. That's it.

It is batch pasteurized, which means it wasn't heated as high as milk in stores is (but is still perfectly safe), and NOT homogenized.

That means the cream is allowed to rise to the top, and you're left with a Minimally processed product. We love that because the more you mess with what God made, our bodies don't agree with it. This stuff is like Ice cream in your mouth! You've got to try it!

This is a Quart Jug.

Kriemhild Dairy Farms (pronounced CREAM-hild) is a small, farmer-owned agribusiness specializing in high-quality full-fat and cultured dairy foods with milk sourced from grass-based herds in Central New York.

After it's shook up this is what it looks like:


Grade A Pasteurized Milk, sugar, cocoa