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Chuck Shaved Strips

Chuck Shaved Strips

1 lb/pkg

The Chuck Shaved Strips is the same area as the Chuck Roast (forequarter of the cow) but cut in thick strips.

This would be best cooked braised- like stew meat.

Braising is just a fancy way of saying cook it with moisture. Just add a little bit of water to a pan, throw in some veggies, and stick it all in the oven, and you'll end with meat that you can cut with a fork. It's juicy, moist, melting tenderness in every single bite.  

Each package is about a pound. -Try adding vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and onions to your roast. All the flavors will soak into each other over the hours of cooking. Adding butter, salt, garlic, spices, and broth will allow more flavor to soak into the meat over time as well.  

As you’ve likely come to expect, all of our beef is pasture-raised, and none of our animals are given hormones, steroids, drugs, or antibiotics. Our cattle are ethically raised and free to roam the pastures.

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