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At Drover Hill Farm our emphasis is to produce the finest quality beef using the best animal husbandry practices and the best cattle available. The owners – Rob & Megan Wilcox are raising beef, pork, & chicken. 

Using the best cattle genetics available, raising all registered animals cost more, just like any other product, starting with the best creates the best, our goal is to produce the best quality and tasting beef by doing it this way we are accomplishing just that in all of our beef. We use rotational grazing to ensure the highest quality feed. We never use hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. Our steers are finished on pasture in the summer, and on hay in the winter, (we grow our own) which costs much more then if you were to purchase it. Our hay fields are naturally fertilized by our animals, they graze it during the fall months when grasses slow down and stop growing as well as into the winter months. While strict grass feeding is our practice we finish our steers with “local” corn, once a week we go to a neighbor farmer with our feed bags, the whole cob is ground up, just like it was done years ago, to produce a more tender, juicy and flavorful beef. Couple that with 14-21 days of dry aging and hand cutting at a small artisan butcher shop, a 3rd generation family owned, Dan our butcher does an amazing job. Drover Hill Farm Beef is a truly superior product. By selecting Drover Hill Farm Beef you will have the backing of three decades of superior cattle and sustainable production. You can be confident that you are getting the best beef available. Our frozen beef is "Flash Frozen" giving it a much longer shelf life, it will not suffer from freezer burn, locking in the quality and freshness.


Mission Statement:

To produce superior quality beef raised in a way that's right for our customers. Our emphasis is to use the best animal husbandry practices, the best cattle, the best locally grown feeds, the best artisan butcher shop – family owned 3rd generation (pictured), to produce the best beef available.


Why Pasture Raised?

Central NY is blessed with some of the finest pasture in the country. For almost 30 years we have taken advantage of this by using rotational grazing. Our cattle are never fed antibiotics or given growth hormones and they live out in the weather every day. They never see a feedlot and receive the best of care. They are finished to perfection on a combination of lush pasture and locally raised corn.


Why Dry Aged?

Most super market beef is hardly aged at all and if so, aged in vacuumed sealed plastic bags. However if you go to any fine steak house, they will always serve you dry aged beef. Why? Dry aging produces a more tender flavorful steak. Since we dry age the whole beef for 2-3 weeks, you get this extra flavor in all the cuts. Try our hamburger and experience the true flavor and juiciness of a great burger. Dry aging allows the natural enzymes to produce a more tender flavorful steak.


Our Commitment to Our Customer:

The goal at Drover Hill Farm is to produce and sell the finest products available. For almost 30 years we have done that with Angus seed stock, now we are dong that with our beef. By taking our time, raising each animal natural, finishing them on this special Central NY lush pasture and grasses, and finally, slowly aging the beef to bring out its unique flavor, we feel that we are producing the best product available.

As one customer said, "I would describe it as having the flavor of a rib eye (the most flavorful cut) and the texture and tenderness of a tenderloin (the best) very, very good!!"