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In the mid 1800's

The Stebbins family began raising hops on what is now Drover Hill Farm. For many years this crop provided well for the family and allowed them to expand and update their home. In the late 1800's they remodeled the home in the Victorian genre, as it stands now. Years later the hops industry died in Central New York and eventually....


in 1935

The Swiphas family purchased the farm. For the next 30 years dairy cattle roamed the fields, until Joe Swiphas retired in the 1960's. In 1982, shortly after Joe passed away.


In 1982

The Lipsey family purchased the farm. A few months after they moved in, the first Angus cattle were purchased - supposedly to keep William busy before going off to college, little did they foresee that it would be a lifelong endeavor. A Highland bull was purchased as a Mothers Day present for Claire Lipsey. Soon after the Highland herd grew with purchases from other herds in New York and a big shipment from the state of Washington.For the next two decades William and his mother Claire built a herd of Angus and Highland cattle that gained recognition throughout New York, and in the case of the Highlands, across the country. Showing became a big part of the operation in the mid eighties. In 1987 Drover Hill Farm exhibited their first National Champion, Orfhlaith 2nd of Dirtane (a Highland female pictured below). Since then the farm has bred and shown many champions, including numerous Grand Champions at the National Highland Show in Denver CO. On the Angus side, William's sister Barclay carried the torch, exhibiting at junior Angus shows throughout the East.

In 2017

The Potrzeba family purchased Drover Hill Farm.  Ed & Heather and boys (Eddie & Charlie) moved to Earlville in 2016 to pursue their dreams of owning and running a working farm.